The idea behind Slam Teaching is not unlike the idea behind slam poetry. Teaching, this blog posits, is an extemporaneous, aggressive, lyric, funny thing to do. It’s a way of expressing oneself; it is art, and it is unpredictable. This blog will work (slowly, progressively) toward a better understanding of teaching as this dynamic force – an animated performance rather than a set of skills that react with criteria for learning.

While he was supposed to be studying creative writing, Sean Michael Morris spent more of his time as a graduate student sopping up everything he could learn about teaching and pedagogy. Granted a teaching assistantship, he took very seriously his obligation to help students learn. He formulated a new approach to the teaching of writing — one based more on invention and discovery than on imitation and competition — which he later employed as Program Chair of the English Department to innovate online composition courses for the community college system in Colorado. Currently at work busting down the walls of the online classroom at Marylhurst University, and as the Director of Educational Outreach at Hybrid Pedagogy, Sean continues to challenge the ideas of what teaching is, what writing is, and how these two things can be combined to change the world.

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