Hey Texas, which one of you is Gregor Mendel?


The New York Times today reported a new battle in an old war has begun. In Texas, educators, scientists, and creationists are meeting again to wrangle over how evolution should be taught in schools. The article states that the primary focus of groups wanting to revise the curricular approach to evolution are the “weaknesses in Darwin’s theory.” These educators are concerned that teaching evolution as a theory without holes is irresponsible, and “akin to secular religion.” Biologists and evolutionary theorists, on the other hand, believe that exposing children to a theory that isn’t perfect will open them up to pro-creationism arguments. Their argument seems to say that if evolution isn’t taught as a scientific fact, the curriculum will “bring creationism in through the back door.”

As a teacher, I want to raise my hand and ask this question: “In the end, isn’t this not at all about creation versus evolution, but about how we teach our kids to think?” Continue reading